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What You Give, You Get Back.

Assalammualaikum. Heyy you guys. Meet me again! Hehe, how are you? I’m here in good mood always. I hope you guys same goes to me J So, my dear followers, I’m going to write about “What you give, you get back” for this week.

What do you understand about this statement? Usually, this topic we will related about love. Yeah, a man now in 2014, mostly love to play with so many girl.They don't realize that what they did to people will comes back to them. Life is like wheel, sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we are at the downwards.

Maybe it doesn't happen to us, but it will happen to our family or our love one. Now let's think for a while. If we do anything bad to people out there, i'm sure something bad will happen to us either our family too. As we said, what you give, you get back. So, be careful dear. We have always be nice to people. Whatever they do to us, we HAVE to be nice. Get it my beloved followers? My dear, before we do something bad to people, think about our family whether we like it or not when it happen to our family.

I think i should stop here. If we have more time, i will see you again in the next post. With a new post. Thanks for reading my post for this week. Thank you guys! :)