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Slaves to fashion :)

Assalammualaikum and good evening everyone! How are you? Feeling well? Awesomeeeeee. So, today i'm going to write about 'slaves to fashion'. What do you know about fashion? What are Malaysia bring for fashion? Did you know about K-pop style? I am sure everybody have know this famous trend. For me, is not the most important thing about fashion. Just be yourself. Then it will shine yourself anyway. Did you want to be a slaves to fashion? Its suck friends! Its doesn't interesting at all. Seriously guys. As a example, is Lady Gaga. She too obssess about fashion untill sometime it discredit yourself. We can see ourself when Lady Gaga went to any event, is it pretty? It is gorgeous? Haha, i think is not. Seriously not. So, we don't need to be anyone. Just be ourself because it seriously more pretty than others! Trust me guys. Well. I think i should stop here. I'm sure everyone does not like to read a long article right? Haha same with me. So, see you in the next post! Iloveyou :)