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My instinct save me up ;)

Assalamualaikum and happy good morning everybody. Today i going to write "my instinct save me up". 

By nature,I am an inquistive soul.I'm also very prone to going with my instincts. Yes,i finded that when it comes of life's biggest challenges, the best judge of what i need to do in that moment. As a women, we are generally brought up to be nice and thought not to offend people by being impolite or just plain rude. But whilst it is true that it is nice to be nice. Its really isn't always in our interest. Sometimes, its easy to forget who we are we can get swallowed up by life or heavily influence by others and before we know it, we've lost part of ourselves and forgotten what makes us tick. Hey guy! Believe me, you don't know who you are. You just need reminding.

Well, i shouls stop here. See you in the next post :)