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Modern inventions making us lazy?

Good morning everyone! How are you? Lazy? Omg please guys. Don't be lazy. Well, what do you think that making you lazy? Today i'm going to write about modern inventions making us lazy? Are you agree with this statement? For me, yea. I'm definitely agreed. 

What are the modern inventions? Our smartphone? Laptop? More things than that guys. Are you notice when we are looking at our smartphone or enjoying movie on our laptop, we do not do any work at all. We are going lazy to do homework, any assignment, or anything else. Because of what? Yeah, this modern inventions! I know, our life when we are in 2014, everything going modern. Everyhing easy. Just at your fingertips. But we can't live in that ways. Its not healthy guys! Just imagine, when we are too busy looking at our modern inventions, we don't do anything. We can't be like this. We have to live in a healthy life. As a example, jog in the evening, spending our time with family, going on vacations and so on. Take my tips guys. Family and ourself is more important than our modern inventions. So, leave it for a while to spend for ourself. Okay guys? 

Well, i think i should stop here. Thanks for spend your time to read my post. See you in the post :)