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"Man to lead, woman to follow"

Hello guys. Meet me again. How are you, my dear followers? Well, glad to hear that you’re feeling good J So, what’s do you think I’m gonna write about for this week? As you see my post tittle, so yeah. Let’s talk about “Man to lead, Woman to follow”.

What do you understand on this topic? “Man to lead, Woman to follow”. What do you think about? Well, in this world, it’s already written by The One, Our God, when a man, have be with a woman. They will need each other. That’s why we have the topic “Man to lead, Woman to follow”. As a man, its usual to lead a woman, guide them to a better way, better live, and built a happy family. And also, as a woman, we have to follow our man, our leader in a family. Am I right? Yea, that’s why I’m agree with the statement “Man to lead, Woman to follow”.

It is enough what I’m talk about this topic? Well, I think I should stop here. See you in the next post. Thanks for spend your time to reading my post for this week. Iloveyou J