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Danger in home

assalamualaikum my beloved followers. how are you? hope you guys are in a good condition. Today i'm going to write a post about "Danger in home".

Our home is usually our favorite place to spend time with our family. We always think that our home is a safety place for us.however many accidend can occour at home.There are many dangerous thing in the house and we should be aware of them. thus we can avoid unnessessary pain or injury.
electricity runs many of our home appliances. It is a very useful thing. it is also a very dangerous thing if use carelessly,it can kill.
The kitchen has many dangerous things. Sharp knives can draw blood, mishandled gas - cyclinders can explode, hot water can scald and stoves can cause nasty burns.Flies and rats can contaminate food. Thus the kitchen is not a place to be careless in. If we are careful and know how to handle things there, then the chance of an accident occuring is lessened. 
Finally, the medicine cabinet should be inaccessible to young children. Dangerous drugs and pills can look like sweets to these young ones. If taken, the conseques can be disastrous. Other dangers do exist. It is up to us to watch out for them,