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A painfull lesson :)

Assalammualaikum. Hye guys. How are you? Today i'm going to write about 'a painfull lesson'. Did you have feel a painfull lesson? I'm sure everyone have feel it right. Today, i want to share about my painfull lesson in my life. While semester break last year, i went hanging out with my friend. As a teenager, well yeah. Normal right, when we going out, chillin' with our friend. Am i right? Okay lets continue. When i was with my friends, we are window shopping at The Curve. Suddenly, a gang with a gun attack us. They told us to follow them. We are so panic and does not think anything. We are afraid the gang shooting us and force to follow them. The gang bring us to an old home in the forest. The gang are forcing us to tell about the money that someone gives to us. We don't know anything about that and feeling that the gang have mistaken. We told them seriously but they do not believe on us. After a few weeks, a policemen have inquiry the house that the gang bring us. The gang was shocked when see the policemen. They run fastly but does not success. All of the gang have arrested that day and we finally freedom. We feel so happy and relieve. We are promise, we does not go to any shopping complex without our parents. So, you guys out there, have to take this as a lesson. Well, i should stop here. Thanks for reading and spend your time to read my post. Goodbye.