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What You Give, You Get Back.

Assalammualaikum. Heyy you guys. Meet me again! Hehe, how are you? I’m here in good mood always. I hope you guys same goes to me J So, my dear followers, I’m going to write about “What you give, you get back” for this week.

What do you understand about this statement? Usually, this topic we will related about love. Yeah, a man now in 2014, mostly love to play with so many girl.They don't realize that what they did to people will comes back to them. Life is like wheel, sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we are at the downwards.

Maybe it doesn't happen to us, but it will happen to our family or our love one. Now let's think for a while. If we do anything bad to people out there, i'm sure something bad will happen to us either our family too. As we said, what you give, you get back. So, be careful dear. We have always be nice to people. Whatever they do to us, we HAVE to be nice. Get it my beloved followers? My dear, before we do something bad to people, think about our family whether we like it or not when it happen to our family.

I think i should stop here. If we have more time, i will see you again in the next post. With a new post. Thanks for reading my post for this week. Thank you guys! :)

My instinct save me up ;)

Assalamualaikum and happy good morning everybody. Today i going to write "my instinct save me up". 

By nature,I am an inquistive soul.I'm also very prone to going with my instincts. Yes,i finded that when it comes of life's biggest challenges, the best judge of what i need to do in that moment. As a women, we are generally brought up to be nice and thought not to offend people by being impolite or just plain rude. But whilst it is true that it is nice to be nice. Its really isn't always in our interest. Sometimes, its easy to forget who we are we can get swallowed up by life or heavily influence by others and before we know it, we've lost part of ourselves and forgotten what makes us tick. Hey guy! Believe me, you don't know who you are. You just need reminding.

Well, i shouls stop here. See you in the next post :)

Danger in home

assalamualaikum my beloved followers. how are you? hope you guys are in a good condition. Today i'm going to write a post about "Danger in home".

Our home is usually our favorite place to spend time with our family. We always think that our home is a safety place for us.however many accidend can occour at home.There are many dangerous thing in the house and we should be aware of them. thus we can avoid unnessessary pain or injury.
electricity runs many of our home appliances. It is a very useful thing. it is also a very dangerous thing if use carelessly,it can kill.
The kitchen has many dangerous things. Sharp knives can draw blood, mishandled gas - cyclinders can explode, hot water can scald and stoves can cause nasty burns.Flies and rats can contaminate food. Thus the kitchen is not a place to be careless in. If we are careful and know how to handle things there, then the chance of an accident occuring is lessened. 
Finally, the medicine cabinet should be inaccessible to young children. Dangerous drugs and pills can look like sweets to these young ones. If taken, the conseques can be disastrous. Other dangers do exist. It is up to us to watch out for them,

"Man to lead, woman to follow"

Hello guys. Meet me again. How are you, my dear followers? Well, glad to hear that you’re feeling good J So, what’s do you think I’m gonna write about for this week? As you see my post tittle, so yeah. Let’s talk about “Man to lead, Woman to follow”.

What do you understand on this topic? “Man to lead, Woman to follow”. What do you think about? Well, in this world, it’s already written by The One, Our God, when a man, have be with a woman. They will need each other. That’s why we have the topic “Man to lead, Woman to follow”. As a man, its usual to lead a woman, guide them to a better way, better live, and built a happy family. And also, as a woman, we have to follow our man, our leader in a family. Am I right? Yea, that’s why I’m agree with the statement “Man to lead, Woman to follow”.

It is enough what I’m talk about this topic? Well, I think I should stop here. See you in the next post. Thanks for spend your time to reading my post for this week. Iloveyou J

Modern inventions making us lazy?

Good morning everyone! How are you? Lazy? Omg please guys. Don't be lazy. Well, what do you think that making you lazy? Today i'm going to write about modern inventions making us lazy? Are you agree with this statement? For me, yea. I'm definitely agreed. 

What are the modern inventions? Our smartphone? Laptop? More things than that guys. Are you notice when we are looking at our smartphone or enjoying movie on our laptop, we do not do any work at all. We are going lazy to do homework, any assignment, or anything else. Because of what? Yeah, this modern inventions! I know, our life when we are in 2014, everything going modern. Everyhing easy. Just at your fingertips. But we can't live in that ways. Its not healthy guys! Just imagine, when we are too busy looking at our modern inventions, we don't do anything. We can't be like this. We have to live in a healthy life. As a example, jog in the evening, spending our time with family, going on vacations and so on. Take my tips guys. Family and ourself is more important than our modern inventions. So, leave it for a while to spend for ourself. Okay guys? 

Well, i think i should stop here. Thanks for spend your time to read my post. See you in the post :)

A painfull lesson :)

Assalammualaikum. Hye guys. How are you? Today i'm going to write about 'a painfull lesson'. Did you have feel a painfull lesson? I'm sure everyone have feel it right. Today, i want to share about my painfull lesson in my life. While semester break last year, i went hanging out with my friend. As a teenager, well yeah. Normal right, when we going out, chillin' with our friend. Am i right? Okay lets continue. When i was with my friends, we are window shopping at The Curve. Suddenly, a gang with a gun attack us. They told us to follow them. We are so panic and does not think anything. We are afraid the gang shooting us and force to follow them. The gang bring us to an old home in the forest. The gang are forcing us to tell about the money that someone gives to us. We don't know anything about that and feeling that the gang have mistaken. We told them seriously but they do not believe on us. After a few weeks, a policemen have inquiry the house that the gang bring us. The gang was shocked when see the policemen. They run fastly but does not success. All of the gang have arrested that day and we finally freedom. We feel so happy and relieve. We are promise, we does not go to any shopping complex without our parents. So, you guys out there, have to take this as a lesson. Well, i should stop here. Thanks for reading and spend your time to read my post. Goodbye.

Slaves to fashion :)

Assalammualaikum and good evening everyone! How are you? Feeling well? Awesomeeeeee. So, today i'm going to write about 'slaves to fashion'. What do you know about fashion? What are Malaysia bring for fashion? Did you know about K-pop style? I am sure everybody have know this famous trend. For me, is not the most important thing about fashion. Just be yourself. Then it will shine yourself anyway. Did you want to be a slaves to fashion? Its suck friends! Its doesn't interesting at all. Seriously guys. As a example, is Lady Gaga. She too obssess about fashion untill sometime it discredit yourself. We can see ourself when Lady Gaga went to any event, is it pretty? It is gorgeous? Haha, i think is not. Seriously not. So, we don't need to be anyone. Just be ourself because it seriously more pretty than others! Trust me guys. Well. I think i should stop here. I'm sure everyone does not like to read a long article right? Haha same with me. So, see you in the next post! Iloveyou :)